+@ (Titus Andronicus) Releases Documentary For Upcoming Album – Performing April 3rd at Valley Bar

February 27, 2018

“Brooklyn-based punk outfit Titus Andronicus has released A Productive Cough: A Documentary, a film about the making of their new album. 

The band has already offered up two singles, “Number One (In New York)” and “Above the Bodega (Local Business).” But these long, narrative tracks are not the punk rock salvos Titus Andronicus fans expected. Instead, it seems the rock group is reinventing itself: Hereafter, Titus Andronicus will be stylized as +@.” – American Songwriter

Visit AmericanSongwriter.com or see below to view the documentary. The band is performing live at Valley Bar on April 3rd with Rick Maguire from Pile. Click here for more info and tickets!