The Flaming Lips to perform this Friday LIVE UNDER THE MILL with Dry River Yacht Club

April 1, 2014

APRIL FOOLS DISCLAIMER! Thanks to everyone who had a good laugh with us on this blog post. The internet on April 1st is always hilarious/frustrating/annoying/awesome place glad you could be a part of that with us. To anyone who felt genuinely mislead, sorry our joke was not as clear as we intended. We never intended to really fool anyone.


THE FLAMING LIPS have been added to the Live Under The Mill show this Friday, April 4th,  at the Hayden Flour Mill with Dry River Yacht Club.

At this point, no idea seems too out-there for the Flaming Lips. Some have groused that their more outlandish notions– human skulls for sale, anyone? – singing with Miley Cyrus?? – and now they have decided to perform under an abandoned Flour Mill in Tempe Arizona. Wayne Coyne and his merry pranksters have been toying with sensational stunting for three decades. From early forays into certainly-dangerous amateur pyrotechnics, to the “parking lot experiments” that gave birth to 1997’s four-CDs-playing-simultaneously opus Zaireeka, to the crowd-surfing hamster ball, these guys can’t step away from the circus.

They will perform along side Dry Driver Yacht Club, who will be releasing their new vinyl LP “El Tigre” that night. Also that night before The Lips take the stage will be sets by Jared & The Mill, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Some Dark Hollow, Dj Sean Watson, and visuals all night projected on theMill itself by Matt Castelberry. No word yet on how the Coyne and crew will use the Mill as a back drop in their set but the band is know for its over the top production and mind blowing lights shows so anything is possible.

Show will be the second in the Live Under The Mill series. The first was held with Black Carl and Mergence last November at the Tempe landmark.

Local favorites, Dry River Yacht Club, released “El Tigre,” their much anticipated follow up to “Family Portraits, Calm Mutiny” last November. The vinyl is due out April 4th. Produced by Craig Schumacher (Calexico, Neko Case, Iron and Wine, DeVotchka) and recorded at Tucson’s legendary Wavelab Studios, “El Tigre” brings all the energy and joy of the band’s famous live shows to vinyl.

The event will be supported by Tempe’s Four Peaks Brewery and will feature a selection of their great locally brewed beers. They will be releasing a new brew that night dedicated to the Flaming Lips called “Yoshimi’s Pink Ale.” Will be a limited to only 1 keg and only available this Friday and never again. No word from Four Peaks on what ingredients will give the ale its pink hue. Additional support for the event is coming from Uber who will provide a number of discounted rides. The event is being produced by Psyko Steve Presents and The MillAvenue District.


ABOUT THE MILL: The Hayden Flour Mill is one of Tempe’s oldest icons and has recently opened its north lawn as a special event venue. The Hayden Flour Mill, located at the base of A Mountain, on Mill Avenue and near Tempe Town Lake, is one of Tempe’s most iconic buildings. It is among the primary reasons our city exists today.

The Hayden Flour Mill, as it stands, is the oldest cast-in-place, reinforced concrete building in Tempe. The mill that currently exists, however, is the third building erected on that site. Two previous mills burned. The original mill started operations in 1874. Because the Hayden Flour Mill is located at a prime intersection in downtown Tempe and to pay homage to the monument that the historic building plays in our city, together with the Rio Salado Foundation and the Downtown Tempe Community, the City of Tempe has created a public event space on the grounds.

The new Flour Mill site includes the opportunity for people to look through the ground floor windows of the Mill and see some of the equipment that was used to grind flour. Interpretive plaques explain what can be seen. A stage and concert lawn was built.The new Flour Mill will also let visitors in and grind their own flour and make their own bread in the huge ovens on the third flour of the Mill.

If you got this far in this blog and did not see today’s date, Green Day have been added to the Black Flag show, Matalica is playing with Iced Earth and Slayer is opening for Brian Posehn. 

If you want to see DRY RIVER YACHT CLUB on Friday you can Get Tickets Here.