The Dead Tongues, Nick Hakim, Riz La Vie (New Date), Hearts on Fire TONIGHT (New Venue) ❤️‍🔥

September 23, 2022

TONIGHT ❤️‍🔥 HEARTS ON FIRE is happening at Marquee Theatre and there’s still time to grab tickets! This week we’ve also announced KONTRAVOID / KRIS BAHAEMONIGHTPHX: LADIES’ NIGHTTHE DEAD TONGUESNICK HAKIMand RIZ LA VIE (NEW DATE). 

There’s some great upcoming shows next week, starting this Saturday with YUNG BAE, followed by THE COLLECTIONRUSSIAN CIRCLESADDISON GRACE and tons more.  

Win a pair of tickets to see the groovy DONNY BENET 10/7 at The Rebel Lounge. More info below! 🕺




SHEA RUCH – Yung Bae – September 24 at The Van Buren
“Somewhere deep inside of me is a little creature that only wants to dance, and Yung Bae always coaxes it out. I mean, come on – you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t move a little bit to ‘Bad Boy’ or ‘Bae City Rollaz’ if you knew no one was watching. His latest album, Groove Continental: Side A, features some of my favorite artists, like Channel Tres and Slenderbodies, and I am so excited to hear it live this Saturday. For real though, come dance. Or don’t. I’ll still be there.” 

DAN MICHALEGKO – Russian Circles – September 26 at Crescent Ballroom
“I have been a fan of Russian Circles for a long time; I first discovered them when they opened for Minus the Bear in 2006. I was blown away by this three-piece instrumental metal band! If you’re into instrumental music, this is one not to miss. Prepare for your mind to be blown 🤯” 

STEPHEN CHILTON – Russian Circles – September 26 at Crescent Ballroom
“Excited to see Russian Circles back at Crescent! It has been way too long since I have seen them live, and live is how you want to experience Russian Circles.” 

MCKENNA FOSDICK – Foxy Shazam – September 28 at Crescent Ballroom
“While I’m sure Foxy Shazam is a killer show (by God do I love a group of people in weird little outfits), what I really care about is their support band  Thumpasaurus. Their songs ‘You Are so Pretty’ and ‘I’m Too Funky’ singlehandedly propelled me through the completion of my undergraduate degree and I fear I would not be the woman I am today without that heaven-sent bass line.” 

MICAH NEGRELLI – Luna Luna – September 29 at The Rebel Lounge
“Was bummed when I missed our show with them last winter so I was stoked when I heard they were coming back. This week the show got even better with the addition of Mamalarky and one of my favorite locals, Palo Brea!” 

CAMRYN VATISTAS – Donny Benét – October 8 at Club Congress
“Donny Benét is an icon and I wish with all my heart that I could see a Donny Benét show every day of the week, but I’ll have to settle for one (or two, if you’re in Phoenix and can go to Rebel). The first time I heard ‘Konichiwa’ my soul levitated out of my body and did a twirl before returning home. If you find yourself craving a little pizzazz on a lovely Saturday evening in October, Club Congress with Donny Benét is the place to be.” 

JEFF TAYLOR – Frankie & The Witch Fingers – October 8 at Last Exit
“Frankie & The Witch Fingers is one of the best psych groups around right now. They tour relentlessly and have put out a ton of great music since the project started in 2015. Really looking forward to having them in Phoenix, and the lineup is solid top to bottom. Strongly recommended for fans of Osees, King Gizzard, or Ty Segall.” 

ALEXA GRAVES – New Years Day – October 11 at Last Exit Live
“New Years Day is a super underrated rock band from California. I recommend checking out their latest single ‘Hurts Like Hell’ if you want to spice up your day. They’re also performing with other great acts LYLVC, DIERDRE, & SORRY X. It’s sure to be a show that knocks your socks off if you’re wearing any 🧦” 


10/4 – SOFT KILL – Last Exit Live

10/4 – LAGWAGON – The Nile Theater

10/4 – ENTER SHIKARI – The Rebel Lounge

10/5 – TAMINO – The Rebel Lounge

10/7 – ICEAGE / EARTH – The Underground

10/7 – DONNY BENÉT – The Rebel Lounge

10/8 – DONNY BENÉT – Club Congress (TUCSON)

10/8 – THE LUKA STATE – Pub Rock


10/8 – IVAN & ALYOSHA – Valley Bar

10/9 – BRASS AGAINST – The Rebel Lounge

10/10 – CERAMIC ANIMAL – The Rebel Lounge

10/11 – THE FRONT BOTTOMS – Rialto Theatre (TUCSON)

10/11 –  MAC SATURN – Valley Bar

10/11 – NEW YEARS DAY – Last Exit Live

10/12 – BIT BRIGADE – The Rebel Lounge

10/13 – DYLAN LEBLANC – Last Exit Live

10/13 – SPARTA – Groundworks

10/14 – ROBBIE’S ABBA DANCE PARTY – The Rebel Lounge

10/15 – PANCHIKO – Crescent Ballroom

10/15 – THE PARANOYDS – Valley Bar


10/17 – YELLOW DAYS – Crescent Ballroom

10/18 – MICHIGANDER – The Rebel Lounge

10/18 – BEACH GOONS – Club Congress (TUCSON)

10/18 – THEY ARE GUTTING A BODY OF WATER – The Trunk Space

10/18 – THE DEAD TONGUES – Last Exit Live

10/19 – BEACH WEATHER – Valley Bar

10/22 – VACATIONS – Crescent Ballroom

10/24 – ALEX G – The Van Buren

10/26 – THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – The Rebel Lounge

10/28 – OSO OSO – The Rebel Lounge


10/29 – KING BUFFALO – The Rebel Lounge

10/30 – CHLOE MORIONDO – Crescent Ballroom

10/30 – BABE RAINBOW – Last Exit Live

10/31 – HARRYWEEN – The Rebel Lounge

11/15 – ORIGAMI ANGEL – Crescent Ballroom

11/19 – ODDISEE & GOOD COMPANY – Crescent Ballroom

11/26 – MEN I TRUST – The Van Buren

11/27 – STATE CHAMPS – The Van Buren

11/30 – ALASKA 5000: THE RED FILTH TOUR 2022 – Crescent Ballroom

12/3 & 12/4 – ZONA MUSIC FESTIVAL – Hance Park

12/4 – ANTI-FLAG – Crescent Ballroom

12/14 – SOCCER MOMMY – The Van Buren

1/23 – DRY CLEANING – Crescent Ballroom