Thank You! Live Under The Mill was AMAZING!

November 20, 2013

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for coming to the show on Friday night under The Hayden Flour Mill. I thought the event was a huge success and it would not have been without all of you.

I just posted a bunch of photos on Facebook (here) and you can see a ton more at Maybe you will even see yourself.

A lot of people other than me put a lot of time and energy into making that event happen and I wanted to thank them all here (after the break).

First I would like to thanks all the great bands that played Friday, Bears of Manitu, The Prowling Kind, Mergence and Black Carl. These are some of my favorite Arizona bands playing right now and was a real honor to show case them in that great setting. Since you all saw them you know what I mean! I particularly would like to thank Black Carl who have spent years saying yes every time I call them with some crazy new idea (i.e. “Hey do you want to play a pool party” or “Hey do you want to play some new venue called Crescent Ballroom that no one has seen yet,” “Hey can you learn some Beck songs that even he hasn’t recorded” or “Hey do you want to play an abandoned flour mill no one even knows is a venue”).

The event would not have happened without John and everyone at Four Peaks. I am so thankful for them for being so supportive of all things local. Also everyone at New Times for support in making sure you heard about it. And thanks Matt Castleberry for the rad visuals on the Mill. You can all thank DJ Hartbreaks for the rad jams between bands. And finally Leslie and everyone at The Mill Avenue District  for curating such a great space.

The big question I got all night was “when is the next one?” I Honestly don’t know, but hopefully soon. Friday was way to great of a night to not want to try and do it again. There are a few small thing I want to do better next time, cough more toilets cough.

Thanks for supporting something new and awesome!