Save Our Stages – Promoters & Venues Need Your Help Today

August 4, 2020

Tell Congress to #SaveOurStages!

Independent promoters and venues need your help today! Visit to tell your legislators to save Arizona venues.

Live entertainment as we know it came to a screeching halt back in March.

Concert promoters, venues and festivals nationwide have been unable to operate in a safe fashion, and therefore most have not been operating or generating revenue for nearly five months.

Our industry needs federal financial support to make it through the pandemic. The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) formed in March to fight for these independent music businesses in D.C. Negotiations regarding the next stimulus package are ongoing, and we have to send a message to Congress that these independent businesses need a lifeline.

We need you to make your voice heard.
Tell Congress that you want them to save live music.
We need Congress to pass the Save Our Stages act or RESTART act.

Visit to send a letter to your representatives.

It only takes a minute. The timing is vital. Congress goes on break soon, and is rushing to complete its next relief bill, and independent venues MUST be included.

More info on the Save Our Stages and RESTART acts:

The Save Our Stages Act would provide $10 billion in Small Business Administration grant funding, specifically for independent music and entertainment venues, to cover six months of expenses. This bipartisan bill was written in response to NIVA’s Save Our Stages Campaign, and introduced on July 22 by Senators Cornyn (R, Texas) and Klobuchar (D, Minnesota).

The RESTART Act would provide loan funding for six months of expenses, with flexible use and up to 90% forgiveness, and would include venues as well as other small businesses facing long closures.

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