Saturday is the last Fuze SPLASH Pool Party with Minibosses

September 1, 2011

Can you believe it is September? Where is 2011 going? That means it is the end of summer and time for the last SPLASH Pool Party on Saturday at the Lexington Hotel! This last week is going to be a great one.

For the final party we have MinibossesSweetbleedersHot Birds And The Chili Sauce, and gusts DJS: Mig 50 and Mizl+Quezo.  It is one of the best line ups of the summer and promisses to be great times (Minibosses are even threatening to all play in their swimming trunks).

If you want to see what SPLASH has been all about take a look at these photo galleries; AZCentral, New Times or the Psyko Steve Facebook page.

Click more to see Minibosses playing a Mario medley.

You can buy tickets here.