Recently Announced: Lymbyc Systym 1/13 at Sail Inn

December 1, 2009

Mike and Jared Bell of the instrumental band Lymbyc Systym started out here in Phoenix but have since moved, Mike to Brooklyn and Jared to Austin. Their next tour will bring them back to the Valley for one show, at The Sail Inn.

“The duo’s sound relies heavily on emotion and atmosphere, mixing endless layers of keys and guitars atop elaborate drumming and shape-shifting song dynamics, resulting in either gentle melodies or electrifying bombast”The Arizona Republic.

On many of their tours they have played as their headliners backing band, including One Am Radio and Her Space Holiday, Mike has also toured as the live drummer for dance band Crystal Castles.

They will be playing with Helios and What Laura Says.

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Click Here to hear their Daytrotter session from last year.