Psyko Steve’s Local Spotlight: It’s Embarrassing

February 7, 2020


Here at Psyko Steve Presents, we want to recognize some of the amazing bands in the Phoenix music scene, so we started Psyko Steve’s Local Spotlight – a regular feature where we get to know and highlight some of our favorite local groups. For the next installment of this series, we’re featuring It’s Embarrassing

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It’s Embarrassing plays rowdy, unabashed punk rock. We think they summed it up pretty well in their bio: “Conjuring riot grrrl legends Bratmobile and no-holds-barred Bikini Kill, they tackle serious issues of depression and mental illness with a fast and intense fury.” The band’s sense of humor shines through in their lyrics and live show, which makes It’s Embarrassing a very fun band to watch.

Allison Dong (guitar) and Alexis Whetzel (drums) partied at a Tacocat show, and knew they needed to get something in the works musically. The first time they jammed together, everything clicked immediately. Kelsey Dong bought a bass to join in on the fun, and the band was complete.

We had a fun, hilarious interview with the band over email in early February. Check it out below.

Psyko Steve Presents: How would you describe your band’s style? 
It’s Embarrassing: We are punk rock taken to its most extreme and bizarre end. Deep fried self-deprecation with an extra side of ranch dressing.

PSP: What do you like about the Phoenix music scene? What would you like to change?
IE: We love all the kids absolutely shredding and putting us to shame. This city has so many amazing venues for smaller acts to shoot their shot and the house show scene in Tempe is incredible. That being said, we need more gals and non-binary pals getting in on the action!

PSP: What advice would you give new bands starting out in Phoenix?
IE: Put yourself out there! Go to local shows, make buds, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

PSP: Do you have a pre-show ritual? 
IE: Parking lot beers, too many cigarettes, and nervous bathroom breaks.

You can listen to It’s Embarrassing on any major streaming platform and find them on social media through the links below. 

FFO: Sincere Engineer, Bikini Kill, Descendents

Catch them opening for Drakulas on February 19th at The Rebel Lounge. Click here for more information and tickets.

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