Psyko Steve’s Local Spotlight: Dovi

February 28, 2020


Here at Psyko Steve Presents, we want to recognize some of the amazing bands in the Phoenix music scene, so we started a Local Spotlight  series – a regular feature where we get to know and highlight some of our favorite local groups. For the next installment of this series, we’re featuring Dovi.

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Dovi describes their sound as a dark blend of 90’s shoegaze dream pop. The band has an intoxicating sound that pays homage to the nostalgic groups of yesteryear such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Cocteau Twins.

We interviewed Aislinn Ritchie (vocals/guitar) in February about their band and what it has been like coming up in the Phoenix music scene. Dovi has been playing together for just over two years now, and their music has evolved quickly.

Psyko Steve Presents: How did your band form?  

Dovi: Evan Frank and I met in 2016. We both wanted to start a band and we both didn’t have any musical experience – which was nice because we increased our skills together. We met our old bass player and old drummer and from there we were called Blush. We went on to record our ep, Desirable Bliss. It’s very different than the new songs we have now. Those songs are definitely songs we wrote when we were first learning how to write music. Our drummer moved away and our bass player decided to go his separate way. Now we have Evan Frank on guitar, Esteban Santana on bass, Aaron Ford on drums, and Max Llanes on keys. I decided to change the name to Dovi because I wanted something cute and something nobody else had. We’ve found our sound and confidence in music this past year. I’m very happy about that.

PSP: What do you like about the Phoenix music scene?

Dovi: I really like that everyone supports each other. I also like that we have so many local bands and artists in every kind of genre.

PSP: What is the best advice you’ve been given about your band or your art?

Dovi: Someone told us we should never stop creating our art and to keep moving forward no matter what.

PSP: Pre-show ritual?

Dovi: Before we get on stage, we huddle up and hug each other in the green room or side stage. We tell each other we love one another and that we’re going to shred.

PSP: What’s next for your band?

Dovi: We’re going to be very busy these next coming months. We have a lot of shows coming up. In March, we’re planning to self record 10 songs. We’re also planning a west coast tour in April.

You can listen to Dovi on any major streaming platform and find them on social media through the links below. 

Catch them opening for Ringo Deathstarr on March 26th at The Rebel LoungeClick here for more information and tickets.

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