May 21, 2018

STEVE CHILTON – Alex Lahey (June 3 at The Rebel Lounge)
“Alex Lahey was one of my favorite discoveries of SXSW last year. Was really excited to bring her to Rebel last fall and just as excited to bring her back to Rebel for a second time in AZ. She just did a number of dates with Jimmy Eat World and has been killing it on the festival circuit.” (INFO & TICKETS)

JEFF TAYLOR – Chon (May 26 at Club Red)
“Chon always puts on an excellent show. Super glad to have them back in town this weekend, and with a totally stellar lineup – Polyphia is great, I’ve been a fan of TTNG for a long time, and I’m looking forward to seeing Tricot live too.” (INFO & TICKETS)

DEVAN HASH – Chon (May 26 at Club Red)
“I’ve been lucky enough to see Chon more than a handful of times, and I’m still excited to see them live! They are a super talented group of young dudes and it’s really been amazing watching them get better at what they do every year. They’re not quite rock ‘n’ roll, not quite metal-but if you enjoy either genre, there’s a chance Chon has a song that you’ll fall in love with!” (INFO & TICKETS)

SHANNON HARDEN – Alex Lahey (June 3 at The Rebel Lounge)
“Alex Lahey came to town late last year, and I missed it because I had to work. Turns out I probably should have just called in sick, because she is absolutely incredible, and I’ve regretted missing her ever since. The good news is that second chances exist, and next Sunday is mine! As an angsty millennial babe, some of the most relatable tracks I’ve heard in ages come from her most recent albumI Love You Like A Brother. If you’re a fellow emo kid with a deep love for punk-flavored pop bangers, you do NOT want to miss this show.” (INFO & TICKETS)