Psyko Steve Presents & Local First Arizona Announce the Return of the Phoenix Independents Bowl

May 6, 2024

Phoenix-based event producer Psyko Steve Presents is proud to announce the 9th Somewhat-Annual Phoenix Independents Bowl, an all-local bowling tournament featuring a mix of Phoenix’s premier bands, innovative businesses, and independent-minded citizens. 

Affectionately known as the “Indie Bowl,” this event celebrates Phoenix’s vibrant independent community. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, July 13th, at Let It Roll Bowl, one of Arizona’s only independently owned bowling alleys. 

Registration for the Phoenix Independents Bowl has already begun. REGISTER HERE

Event Details:
Saturday, July 13th 2024
Time: 12:00 PM
Venue: Let It Roll Bowl
Address: 8925 N 12th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Supporting Local First Arizona
Continuing its tradition of local business and community support, proceeds from the Phoenix Independents Bowl will benefit Local First Arizona. Founded in 2003, Local First Arizona is a nonprofit organization committed to community and economic development throughout Arizona. Local First’s programs strengthen locally owned businesses and establish equitable systems that level the playing field for a thriving, inclusive and lasting Arizona economy.  

“Join the Psyko Steve fun with friends and neighbors, knock down a few bowling pins and raise your favorite beverage to the independently owned businesses that make our Valley unique,” said Local First Arizona Development Director Quin Works. “Independents Week proudly celebrates Arizona’s entrepreneurs who prove time and again they are the most effective job creators and community leaders in our state. Local First Arizona is proud to champion them during Indie Week and every other day of the year!”

In 2019, Mayor Kate Gallego officially recognized Independents Week, a campaign spearheaded each year by Local First Arizona the week before Independence Day to celebrate local businesses, their impact on our city’s economy, and their contributions to Phoenix’s vibrancy. 

“Under the guidance and stewardship of Local First Arizona, Independents Week, or ‘Indie Week,’ has become a cherished annual campaign that celebrates independent businesses in Phoenix,” said Gallego. “To celebrate Indie Week’s end all proceeds from [the Phoenix Independents Bowl] will benefit Local First and will help make Arizona a better place for locally owned businesses. We are immensely grateful to The Rebel Lounge, Psyko Steve Presents and Let it Roll Bowl for helping make the Phoenix Independents Bowl possible.” 

Celebrating Community and Music
The Phoenix Independents Bowl was launched in 2008 by concert promoter Stephen Chilton of Psyko Steve Presents. The event began as a social gathering for local musicians and businesses. The event remains a tradition that upholds the original spirit of community that started at the first event over a decade ago. 

“One of the best parts about what we get to do at Psyko Steve Presents is work with so many great local artists, musicians and businesses,” said Chilton. “The Indie Bowl has always been a great way to bring this community together for a good cause. We are always looking for ways to bring artists together beyond just promoting concerts, and to support their development on and off the stage. The Indie Bowl has always been a fun way to do that.” 

The tournament will feature teams of four competing for glory, fame, locally sourced prizes… or just for local bragging rights. Each team will bowl two games; the top performers will then proceed to a playoff bracket to battle it out and determine the champions.