PSP 2019 New Years Resolutions

January 4, 2019

At Psyko Steve Presents, we have fairly modest resolutions for this new year. The purpose of our resolutions is simple – we want to do more to help support and promote local artists and musicians than we ever have before.

This endeavor started with Steve in high school helping friends put on shows Downtown Phoenix at Modified Arts. At the time, the goal was just to throw a few shows with friends, for friends. Over time that idea grew, and the shows became more frequent. Gradually those local shows helped turn “Psyko Steve Presents” into real company. 

Last year our team presented nearly 600 shows with over 1200 artists, a large number of those being local. This month we are presenting the largest event we have ever produced – the second 8123 Fest – an event headlined and curated by local group The Maine. It is not lost on us that some of the largest events we have produced have been based around home grown talent.

Here are a few resolutions we are working on, the details of which we plan to announce in the coming weeks: 

  1. We are bringing back a music industry panel and mixer series to help our community learn more about the business of music.
  2. We are going to be launching a monthly showcase series to highlight some of our favorite local artists, and try and create a larger platform to promote them from.
  3. We are going to focus more on our events that build community and benefit charities – like the Phoenix Rock Lottery, the Phoenix Independents Bowl and a few new ideas still in development.

We are excited to announce more information about these initiatives in the near future. To be fair, a lot of these projects are not completely new to us, but they are projects we are excited about, and we are committed to investing more time, capital, and resources into these ideas than we ever have before.  

– Steve, Jeff, Devan & Shannon