New Psyko Steve Spotify Playlist

November 20, 2012

I just made a new “Psyko Steve Presents” play list of a bunch of the bands I have show coming up for. Some of the songs are by bands that are brand new, like the Kopecky Family Band or Royal Teeth, and some are from older bands back for just a few shows, like Hot Snakes and Limbeck.

Like the shows I book the playlist spans quite a wide range of music.  There is some metal, with The Sword or Graveyard, some hip hop with Astronatalis, some blue grass with Scott H Biram and even a few local acts like Lydia or The Senators.

If you are looking for some new music take a listen, if you hear something you are not into skip the track because you might like the next one.

And remember, if you hear someone you like they are coming to town soon!