Psyko Steve’s Local Spotlight: Outsiders

January 15, 2020

Here at Psyko Steve, we want to recognize some of the amazing bands in the Phoenix music scene, so we’re starting Psyko Steve’s Local Spotlight – a regular feature where we get to know and highlight some of our favorite local groups. 

Local active rock group Outsiders plays heavy music that is full of energy – combining hard-hitting instrumentals with a clean vocal style. 

Founding members Donald Harris (bass) and Besart Sezairi (guitar) were in a previous project together but wanted to start something new. In 2016 they began looking for a vocalist, and came across Collin Stilwell; it didn’t take long after meeting for them to realize they had found their guy. Soon after that, Stilwell introduced them to Jacob Coleman (drums) and everything fell into place. In a seemingly effortless way, Outsiders was formed. 

We spoke with guitarist Besart Sezairi ahead of their show this Friday opening for Scary Kids Scaring Kids at The Pressroom. Check out what he had to say about the Phoenix music scene and their experiences in the scene:

Psyko Steve Presents: What do you like about the Phoenix music scene? What would you like to change?
Besart Sezairi: There’s a lot of variety in this scene, it’s not dominated by any one genre. What I would love to see is more venues in towns outside of Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe. 

PSP: What is the best advice you’ve been given about your band or your art?
BS: Hmm, this is a tough one. One of my favorites is “always be correctable.” Nobody is perfect. 

PSP: What advice would you give new bands starting out in Phoenix?
BS: Have fun with it, and invest money into your brand. 

PSP: What’s next for your band?
BS: We’re planning on putting out 3 singles and a couple of videos at the moment. We also want to go out of state very soon.

You can listen to Outsiders on any major streaming platform and find them on social media through the links below. 

FFO: Memphis May Fire, The Word Alive, Issues

Catch them opening for Scary Kids Scaring Kids this Friday, January 17th at The Pressroom. Click here for more information and tickets.

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