Just Announced: The Wrecks, Foxing, American Aquarium, and more

April 8, 2022
Just Announced: The Wrecks, Foxing, American Aquarium, and more

Tons of incredible shows are going on sale today, including THE WRECKS BETTER THAN EVER TOURFOXINGAMERICAN AQUARIUMTEENAGE WRIST, and more.

Meanwhile April still has a million amazing shows coming up too! Tickets are almost sold out for BEACH BUNNY’s show at The Nile on Wednesday, supergroup PLOSIVS (members of Pinback, Against Me, Rocket From The Crypt) will be at The Rebel Lounge on SundayRED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS is playing a free show tomorrow night at Tempe Marketplace… check out the full list of events below. 





4/8 – 22 & GOOD 4 U – The Rebel Lounge

4/13 – BEACH BUNNY – The Nile Theater

5/27 – THE WARNING – The Rebel Lounge


STEPHEN CHILTON – Plosivs – April 10 at The Rebel Lounge
“I love John Reis. Everything he does is excellent. How could you make it better? Add in Rob Crow, Atom Willard and Jordan Clark? How much talent can one band have? If you don’t know those names, trust me this will be great. If you know them you already know I’m right.” πŸŽŸ

BOBBY HENDRIX – Point North – April 10 at Valley Bar
“I saw Point North open for A Day To Remember and they were DOPE AS F*CK! They slayed AZ Fed so I’m excited to see how they handle a sold out Valley Bar show. Lil Lotus is also playing and he is one of the best performers i’ve gotten the pleasure to see a couple times / gotten to know. I just hope he doesn’t break anything during his crazy stage antics. Bobby + Hector + Lotus 4 Ever <3” SOLD OUT

JEFF TAYLOR – Rick Maguire – April 11 at The Trunk Space (Sanctuary)
“Rick Maguire is the frontman and songwriter for the incredible group Pile, based in Nashville. The band is mostly known for their loud and aggressive sound, but last year Rick released an album reinventing many of their songs in a stripped down, gentle tone. The songs take on a whole new life with these arrangements, and Rick is currently touring to perform them stripped down. I’m super excited to witness this special performance in the beautiful chapel at Grace Lutheran Church (where Trunk Space is based).” 🎟

SHEA RUCH – Drug Church – April 12 at The Rebel Lounge
“I really like cynical post-hardcore, and Drug Church is the epitome of cynical post-hardcore. It started for me when I discovered Self Defense Family (lead singer Patrick Kindlon’s other project) off of the split they did with Code Orange/TWIABP/Tigers Jaw. I moved through their discography quickly and found Drug Church shortly after. When you hear Kindlon sing lines like ‘there’s so few reasons to prostrate yourself at the feet of all these fools,’ it justifies all of those hours you’ve spent shaking your fist at the sky, you know? Maybe it’s just me.” πŸŽŸ

DAN MICHALEGKO – Wednesday – April 14 at Groundworks (Tucson)
“If you haven’t listened to Wednesday, you need to! They might be my favorite newly discovered band this year. I love their indie/shoegaze sound with soothing vocals. They’re a band to watch in 2022. If you’re in Tucson, you’re in for a treat, and if you’re in Phoenix, you can see them open for Beach Bunny at the Nile this Wednesday, 4/13!” 🎟

CAMRYN VATISTAS – Alex Lahey – April 24 at Valley Bar
“I’m really stoked to see Alex Lahey at Valley Bar this month. ‘This Kiss’ is one of my all time favorite songs because my mom used to play it in the car all the time, and I honestly got really excited when I heard Alex’s refreshingly upbeat cover. I think the energy at this show will be really exciting, so go check it out!” πŸŽŸ

MCKENNA FOSDICK – Allan Rayman – April 29 at Crescent Ballroom
“Allan Rayman’s discography sounds like it was tied to the back of a pick up truck, dragged down a gravel road, slathered in butter and slow roasted at medium heat for 4-6 hours. The combination of his highly textured instrumentals with his hypnotic vocals makes him one of my favorite artists of all time and I cannot wait to finally see him live.” 🎟


4/18 – MONO – The Rebel Lounge

4/20 – POUND – The Rebel Lounge

4/21 – HO99O9 – Valley Bar

4/22 – BOSTON MANOR – The Rebel Lounge

4/23 – THE REGRETTES – Rialto Theatre

4/23 – ULTRA Q – The Underground

4/24 – ALEX LAHEY – Valley Bar

4/25 – THE MENZINGERS – Crescent Ballroom

4/25 – TOGETHER PANGEA – Valley Bar

4/25 – HOT FLASH HEAT WAVE – The Rebel Lounge

4/26 – MICHAEL SEYER – The Underground

4/26 – SLOW CRUSH – The Rebel Lounge

4/27 – POM POM SQUAD – The Underground

4/27 – GREAT GOOD FINE OK – The Rebel Lounge

4/29 – ALLAN RAYMAN – Crescent Ballroom

4/30 – VEIL OF MAYA / BORN OF OSIRIS – The Nile Theater

5/1 – HEY VIOLET – The Rebel Lounge

5/2 – ARLIE / BETCHA – The Underground

5/2 – KING PARI – The Rebel Lounge

5/3 – THE SLAPS – Valley Bar

5/3 – ADULT. – The Rebel Lounge

5/4 – MAGIC SWORD / DANCE WITH THE DEAD – The Rebel Lounge

5/5 – NOTHING,NOWHERE. – Tempe Marketplace

5/5 – THE MYSTERINES – Valley Bar

5/5 – SEMLER – The Trunk Space

5/5 – ULTRA Q – 191 Toole (Tucson)

5/6 – KEVIN DEVINE – Crescent Ballroom

5/8 – THE BODY – The Rebel Lounge

5/14 – GATECREEPER – Crescent Ballroom

5/24 – MEWITHOUTYOU – The Van Buren

5/25 – THE PINEAPPLE THIEF – Crescent Ballroom

5/25 – WEATHERS – Valley Bar

5/31 – TERROR – Crescent Ballroom

6/17 – ARCHETYPES COLLIDE – Crescent Ballroom

6/24 – CIRCLE JERKS – The Van Buren

8/1 – THE DEAR HUNTER – Crescent Ballroom

8/11 – DANIELLE NICOLE – Crescent Ballroom

8/13 – MAX BEMIS – The Rebel Lounge

9/9 – CULTS – Crescent Ballroom

9/20 – KIKAGAKU MOYO – Crescent Ballroom

11/30 – ALASKA 5000 – Crescent Ballroom