Just Announced: Old Canes (Cris Crisci of The Appleseed Cast)

October 25, 2009

I am happy to announce a band I have liked for a long time Old Canes will be coming to town on November 24th and playing at Modified Arts.

From Lawrence Kansas Old Canes is a musical collective currently with Chris Crisci (of Appleseed Cast), Kelly Hangauer (of 4th Of July), Lucas Oswald (of Minus Story), Taylor Holenbeck, Joey Henry (of Calamity Cubes), Jordan Geiger (of Minus Story), and John Anderson (and Boy’s Life / White Whale). The start of the band was when Crisci would have to play acoustic in-stores on tour with his band Appleseed Cast and would throw in his own solo material to have enough songs since Appleseed Cast did not have many acoustic songs fit for the more intimate settings. These acoustic shows eventually became Old Canes.

OLD CANES: Both Falling Bright

They will play with Owl And Penny. You will be able to buy tickets at TicketWeb.com and Stinkweeds Records on Monday.