Incoming: Graveyard / Uncle Acid, The Menzingers, Marty Friedman, Legendary Shack Shakers, Okilly Dokilly and more

October 26, 2018


Somehow we’re already near the end of the always-busy Rocktober (!), but we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

We’ve got shows coming up next week with THE MENZINGERSATREYUROZWELL KID,POWER TRIPRUBBLEBUCKET and more coming right up. Keep scrolling to see what’s going on in the coming weeks.

We also just wanted to take a moment to point out all the great releases that come out today! There’s new music from SAVES THE DAYHAKENANTARCTIGO VESPUCCI (Chris Farren & Jeff Rosenstock), DAUGHTERSMR TWIN SISTERSTREET SECTSTOGETHER PANGEA,THE CASUALTIES and MORE out this week.


STEVE CHILTON – The Menzingers – November 2 at Crescent Ballroom
“I always love these guys. Been working with them for years and years and they just keep getting better. Their set this summer with Frank Turner at The Van Buren was incredible, and they only played a short slot. We had them on one of the main stages at the last VIVA Phx, and they were one of the best sets that year. Don’t miss this one.” (TIX)

JEFF TAYLOR – All Them Witches – November 7 at The Rebel Lounge
“This week was a tough pick for me. We have a ton of great shows in the next couple weeks (runners-up being Power Trip, Look Vibrant, Rozwell Kid)… But I sure do love the hard-hitting, riff-heavy tunes from Nashville’s All Them Witches. They have delivered a few very solid albums over the last few years, and just released another titled ATW. Still getting familiar with it, but I always love seeing these guys perform – they sound great, and really let the tunes take on a life of their own in the live environment. Highly recommended if you’re into heavy, psych-influenced rock n roll.” (TIX)

DEVAN HASH – Mad Caddies – October 26 at The Rebel Lounge
“Mad Caddies know how to throw a party! I’ve loved Mad Caddies for years, and this is my first opportunity to work a show with them, so obviously I’m pretty pumped. My good friend Jon Gazi is also playing this show – he does this really cool upbeat dance party, one-man-band-shtick, that gets people moving on the dance floor. All around, this is going to be one heck of a night!” (TIX)

SHANNON HARDEN – Rubblebucket – November 4 at Crescent Ballroom
“The first time I heard Rubblebucket was when they released their 2014 album Survival Sounds, and it was love at first listen–when my niece was born, the first thing I sent my sister-in-law was a Rubblebucket song, swear to god (it was “You Came Out Of A Lady” from 2011’s Omega La La, for the record–an appropriate soundtrack for the event). When they released their most recent album Sun Machine back in August, I listened to literally nothing else for an entire week straight, because I’m weird and obsessive like that, apparently. It’s truly an incredible album, though, and having never had a chance to see them live, I’m way way way beyond excited to catch them next Sunday at Crescent. If you want to see an incredible pop duo and party like your heart hurts, don’t miss this show!” (TIX)