I Will Be Teaching a Course on Touring and Promotion at MCC

January 28, 2011
I am excited to finally announce that I will be teaching the course “Advanced Industry Topics: Concert Promotion and Touring” at Mesa Community College in the Fall. The class is part of their Music Business program.
Operation, scope, and career opportunities in the music business. Focuses on advanced aspects of concert promotion, touring and festival production. Areas of focus include marketing, planning, operations, talent buying, and budgeting for profitable and successful music-performance stage shows.
That course description may sounds rather abstract or open ended. The focus I plan on taking with the class will be to really explain how the industry actually works to those trying to enter the business. I plan to take special focus for musicians trying to learn how to navigate the tangled and ever changing world that is the modern music industry. I especially will discuses changes that are happening now, today, that will not have made their way into any books on the subject yet.
Many artists try entering the music business with no clear idea how the industry works at any level and with few resources to help them learn. I hope to explain the touring industry in a holistic way to give artists and newcomers a solid foundation on how ever aspect of the industry from the agents, to the mangers, to the promoters, and then how they all interact together.
I have always tried and give acts as much advice as possible, being open with them on all aspects of what I do. This course will provide an opportunity for me to present much of that advice in a solid, concrete and complete way.
MCC has open enrollment, meaning you do not have to take any other classes to be eligible to take this class.

UPDATE: This will be a Fall Semester  class. I will let you know details as soon as I have them.