Find Free Glassjaw Tickets all this Week

February 21, 2011

Glassjaw‘s triumphant return to Tempe is this Thursday at the Clubhouse. The show is almost Sold Out only a few tickets are left at the door.

To celebrate and give something back I will be leaving a pair of tickets at different spots around town all week for a fun Scavenger Hunt. Every day up to the show I will leave one pair of tickets at a spot I like and will  tweet and post on facebook a clue as to where it is. The first person to figure it out and get their and ask whoever is working will get the free tickets. This will be a fun way to win tickets!

Follow me on Twitter or “like” Psyko Steve Presents on Facebook to see the clues. I will also update this post with the clues.

Mondays Clue – “If I were a Robot this is where I would get a cup of Joe Downtown.”

Congrats to Caleb Drost who found the first Free Glassjaw tickets at Jobot Coffee Shop!

Tuesdays Clue – “I enjoy Green Eggs and Ham, but this restaurant does not serve Eggs or Ham”

Congrats to Garrett May who found the second Free Glassjaw tickets at Green!

Wednesdays Clue – “I think “Do Unto Others” would be a good tattoo and this is where I would get it.”

Congrats to the random kid who found the third Free Glassjaw tickets at Golden Rule Tattoo!

Thursdays Clue – “The PAINT on the Glassjaw sign I just made is still WET”

Congrats to Lisa Cortese who found the last Free Glassjaw tickets at Wet Paint!