EIY Meet Up & Moovalya to Play Warped Tour

May 16, 2011

Earlier this month The Underground and I hosted a meet up for EIY, a great site helping musicians learn to work for themselves. Sarah from EIY has posted a recap of the event on the EIY site. At the meet up we had a great discusion on what was going well for our little music scene as well as what was wrong with it.

After the meet up was a showcase of some newer local bands playing for a chance to play at the Phoenix date of this years Vans Warped Tour. Reactions, Moovalya, and RadioDriveBy all played. While all the bands played well, EIY and Warped Tour selected Moovalya as the band that will represent Phoenix. Big congratulations to them.

Moovalya playing at The Underground.

To learn more about the EIY movement visit: EarnItYourself.com