Andrew Jackson Jihad on Music and Downtown Phoenix in the New Times

January 19, 2011

There is a interesting feature on Andrew Jackson Jihad in this weeks New Times. AJJ have long been one of my favorite acts in town. Their are few bands as unique as the duo.

The core of the article is on their view of the difference between “DTP” and “CenPho” and who the two are right on top of each other. I can certainly see what Sean is getting at with that.

But what I like the best was at the end:

That’s an old cliche in these pages — seemingly every local band New Times talks to tells us their big dream is to give up their day jobs and make their living off music. Very few manage to do it. I tell Gallaty and Bonnette this.

“See, that’s stupid. I want to work another job. I like working,” Gallaty says.

You get the strong feeling he means it, too. Meaningful work seems to be a badge of honor for Bonnette and Gallaty.

I think that is the core of what makes a good band great. If you look at the acts that make it and the ones who talk about wanting to make it you often see a huge difference in mentality about life and their band. Too many want to do the minimum it takes to get noticed, but the irony is that if you are trying to do the minimum their is no about of work that will be enough to ever get where you want. It just is not possible. And if you believe in your band enough and actually enjoy being in a band, and not just on stage but enjoy all that being in a band means, then it wont mater if you “make it” or not. You will end up in a place you made for yourself.

People respond to hard work and passion, and the promising thing is they are two things that are hard to fake.

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