A Live Performance of the Album “Song Reader” by Beck as Performed by Phoenix Musicians

March 4, 2013


I am very pleased to finnaly anounce this great show. I am putting on a live performance of the album “Song Reader” by Beck Hansen as performed by some of my favorite Phoenix musicians: Black Carl, Jim Adkins, Adele Stein with Wooden Indian, Tobie Milford, Emby Alexander with the Phoenix Chamber Brass, Spirit Cave, and Mr Mudd & Mr Gold to be held at the Crescent Ballroom on Thursday April 4th.

In December of 2012 Beck released his latest album “Song Reader” elusively as a book of sheet music. Beck has yet to release any official recordings of the 20 songs from the book. Instead he has encouraged musicians to record their own versions of his songs and post the online, on the albums own website SongReader.net and sites like YouTube.

On Wednesday April 10th a collection of these songs will be preformed live, possibly for the first time ever in a concert environment, by a group of some of the best musicians in Phoenix. Each artists will have to choose songs from the song book and perform their own interpretation of the song live having never listened to an official version as a frame of reference. For the audience they will get to hear these “covers” with a fresh set of ears having never heard an original to compare with.

The proceeds of the event will be donated to Rosie’s House. Rosie’s House: A Music Academy for Children is committed to playing a pivotal role in a child’s future and strengthening our community. At Rosie’s House, a free music academy for children in inner-city Phoenix, they believe music education is a catalyst for changing the life of a child. They work to build the heart, mind, character, home, community and future of their students through the power of music education.

Get info and tickets here.